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  Database Management ==> Working with MS Access Database  
  Working with MS Access Database ?  
  You can MS Access 2000 database to store your data in the server. The database has to be uploaded in httpdocs folder. This alone will not suffice as rights has to be given for " writing" data to the database.  
  [1] Access your control panel at  

Supply the user name & password

  [3] Click on file manager  
  [4] Click on httpdocs  
  [5] Against your database - click on the lock icon  
  [6] Against "psaserv" check the write access for the database  
  [7] Now your database is ready to use.  
  [8] A sample database with coding is available at  and click on to download.  
  Database name should be tough to guess for security reasons  
  Avoid using lengthy database names  

Make sure you upload database in "httpdocs" folder


You might not be able to access your database if your connectivity is slower.
If your account is suspended due to excess bandwidth usage or server usage, your access will be suspended.


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