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  FTP Management ==> Known Issues  
  Known Issues ?  
  The Following are the known issues while FTP.  
  [1] If you use as host address, this will give an error when the domain is newly registered. Min 48 hrs is required to use this format for FTP. However, this can be overridden by using corresponding server IP address.  

If you are trying to access FTP through Internet Explorer or through any browser, you may not be able to access it as a FTP client is compulsory for accessing the FTP.

  [3] If you use DOS mode to connect through FTP, you will get host error if you are in a network.  

After connecting to FTP you might no be able to view the folders the server side. Please ask your ISP to resolve this issue.

  [5] Files that are uploaded outside the root folder ie "httpdocs" will not be able viewed from the browser.  
  [6] Your site will not be visible if your home page is not named as "index.html"  

If even after uploading , you see the placeholder page, then access your FTP delete the index.html file and upload your index.html page.

  [8] FTP will timeout if the connection is left idle for sometime  
  [9] If you are in network, always use IP address as host address  
  [10] Do not try to rename the system generated folder such as "httpdocs", "webusers" etc.  

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