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  FTP Management ==> Folder Structure  
  Folder Structure ?  
  Understanding the folder structure will enable you to manage your disk space and mails effectively.  
  [1] Log on to your FTP as mentioned in the "FTP set up & Clients" document.  

You will find the following folders such as "anon_ftp", "cgi_bin","error_docs", "httpdocs", "httpsdocs", "statistics ","subdomains","web_users" etc

  [3] anon_ftp - This folder contains your Anonymous FTP files within "incoming" folder.Prohibited  
  [4] cgi_bin - This folder contains your cgi scripts  
  [5] error_docs - This folder contains your custom error pages  
  [6] httpdocs - This folder contains your website files  

httpsdocs - This folder also contains your website files if SSL is enabled in your domain.

  [8] statistics - This folder contains your site stats.  
  [9] subdomains - This folder contains your subdomain content files  
  [10] web_users - This is the access folder for a particular webuser  
  In web server terms hosting is referred to FTPing your website and making your site online.
To FTP, you should have FTP client or software such as ws_ftp or cute ftp.
FTP and Control Panel user name & password are same.
  Avoid FTP ing from public terminals due to security and virus threats.  

Once after uploading your contents, you must remove user name & password from your FTP client


You might not be able to access your FTP if your connectivity is slower.
If you access as it will take minimum upto 48 hrs to reflect from the time registration of the domain to access your Control Panel.
If your user name or password is wrong, you will not be able to access your FTP.
If your account is suspended due to excess bandwidth usage or server usage, your access will be suspended


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