Email Management ==> Viewing Emails  
  Viewing Emails ?  
  Configuring Outlook Express  
  [1] Launch Outlook Express  

Click on Tools menu

  [3] Click on Accounts  
  [4] Click on mail menu  
  [5] Click on Add >> New mail  
  [6] Enter Your Name  
  [7] Enter your existing email ID  
  [8] Enter your mail server and smtp details  
    Incoming Mail Server :  
    Outgoing SMTP:  
  [9] Enter your full email ID [i.e] email ID @ your domain name .com

For example : [email protected]
  [10] Click on finish  
  [11] Click on properties  
  [12] Click on servers  
  [13] In out going mail server >>> Check My server Requires Authentication  
  [14] Click on settings  
  [15] Choose Log On Using  
  [16] In Account Name Give Full Email ID [ Example : [email protected] ]  
  [17] Supply password  
  [18] Click on remember password  
  [19] Click OK  
  [20] Click on close  
  [21] Click on SEND/RECEIVE menu >> Choose Receive All  
  [22] Click on unread messages to read your mails  
  You must supply full email id as your account name while configuring emails  
  If your are in a network, use the corresponding server ip as your incoming mail servers  

In case of network or any other email management software ask your network administrator to configure emails

  If your account is suspended due to excess bandwidth usage or server usage, your access will be suspended.  
  Viewing Emails via Web Mail  

You can read your online e-mail using NeoMail, Horde, or SquirrelMail. All of these popular web mail applications allow you to read your e-mail, save them, keep an address book, and perform all of the other basic e-mail functions that you are used to. The main difference between web mail and an offline e-mail applications, such as Eudora or Microsoft Outlook Express, is that all of these functions are performed online, rather than on your own computer, and offline applications generally provide more features.

  [1] Access your web mail at  
  [2] Supply full email id & password  
  [3] Click on Login  
  [4] You will be able to view your mails now  

Caution : Using web mail might occupy your server space. You might run out of server space. Hence it is not advised to use web mail. Moreover, Tech Freedom Online cannot guarantee any data security.

  Supply full email ID as your user name  
  Avoid accessing mails from public terminals  



You might not be able to access your email if your connectivity is slower.
If your user name or password is wrong, you will not be able to access your email.
If you run out of disk quota, you may not be able to access your email. See maintenance section on freeing space for usage.
If your account is suspended due to excess bandwidth usage or server usage, your access will be suspended.


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