Email Management ==> Creating Email Account  
  Creating Email Accounts ?  
  You will be able to create, edit or delete email accounts as you wish. The following steps will guide through to create email accounts. You should download mails then and there in outlook express. Tech Freedom Online will not be responsible for any data loss at any time.  
  [1] Access your control panel at  

Supply the user name & password [Username is]

  [3] Under Services, Click on Mail  
  [4] Click on Add  
  [5] Supply the necessary information and click on Update

Mail name : yourname
Control panel access : check
Mailbox : check
Password : as required by you
Mailquota : Enter the size of the mailbox [in KB]
If you want to redirect the mail then check redirect and supply the emailid
[eg:[email protected]]
If its for mail group then supply the emailid and click on Add
If you want to set auto responders then click on browse, select the file, supply the auto responder name and click on Add

  [6] Repeat the above steps to create more accounts  
  Supply your emailid in Catch to address and Update  
  Avoid using lengthy email id names  

You should configure any email client such as outlook and download your emails frequently.




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