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  FTP Management ==> Account Suspension  
  Account Suspension ?  

Account suspension is a measure taken to safeguard the network and server resource or due to violation of Tech Freedom Online's terms and conditions by a particular domain or client.

We suggest all out clients to review our terms & conditions for better under standing about the restrictions applied for a particular account

We do not intend to cover all the issues here, but try to address the most common ones;

Against the Law

Tech Freedom Online does not allow any type of material hosted , circulated , stored in its server which are against the Government of any nation. The account will be suspended or terminated without notice if found to be illegal or anti-national.

Virus & Trojans, Cracks, Downloads

Tech Freedom Online prohibits hosting or circulating or storing virus, cracks, illegal software downloads in its servers.

Monopolizing Server Resources

In a shared hosting environment, server resources distributed for hundreds of web sites. This cannot be allowed to be monopolized by running scripts or threads or by any other means. Mass mailing or Mass upload / downloading is totally prohibited by Tech Freedom Online. Deviation from this will end up in automatic suspension of your account.

Payments, Fraudulent Transactions

All payments are in advance unless or otherwise authorized by Tech Freedom Online - Sales. Non payment of Account fee or payment through Fraudulent Transactions will end up in suspension of your account instantly.

Excess Bandwidth Usage

Each account has particular bandwidth allotted on per month basis. Excess usage than this will also end up in automatic suspension of your account. However, you can upgrade your account at an additional fee to continue to run.


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