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  Sub Domains ?  
Sub domains are site within you website. For example is a site used to address support requirements of Tech Freedom Online's clients. You need not register a sub domain. It is offered for FREE with certain Tech Freedom Online Packages. However this feature is not present in Start Up Account.
  [1] Access your cPanel at
[For example : ]
  [2] Supply the user name & password  
  [3] Click on sub domains  
  [4] Supply the name of the sub domain you wish to create  
Click on the Add button. A folder with the same name as the sub domain has now been added to your public_html folder.
If you wish to set up any redirection for this sub domain.
[ For example ==> should be redirected to ] Click on the required subdomain from the first drop-down list
  [7] Click on the Setup Redirection button  
  [8] Enter the redirection address in the available field. Make sure that you end the address with a trailing slash (e.g.  
  [9] Click on the Save button  
  Sub domains can be redirected to individual files in another domain or in the same domain itself.  
  Avoid using lengthy redirections  
  The redirection URL must end with a "/"  

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