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  Multiple FTP Accounts ?  
  Multiple FTP accounts are a useful feature in file sharing. Take for example, a data processing company that wishes to share processed files to different clients with different user name & password so that each client can access his own files alone. Whereas, the company will have access to all the FTP accounts through a master account. The following steps will explain how to create multiple ftp accounts.  
  [1] Access your cPanel at
[ for example : ]

Click on FTP Manager

  [3] Click on FTP Accounts  
  [4] Click on Add FTP Account in the bottom  
  [5] Supply the user name & password
  [6] In directory name supply the folder name that you wish to appear when you access through FTP  
  [7] Click on create button  
  [8] Repeat the above steps to create more FTP account  
  When logging into the ftp server please use the username exactly as it appears below. If the username includes a "@", make sure to include it when logging in. Example: Use "[email protected]" and not "john".  

Avoid FTP ing from public terminals due to security and virus threats.


User name while connecting through the FTP should be used in the above format [email protected]


You might not be able to access your FTP if your connectivity is slower.

If your user name or password is wrong, you will not be able to access your FTP.

If your account is suspended due to excess bandwidth usage or server usage, your access will be suspended.


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