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  Maintenance ?  
  The following are the suggested maintenance plans for your web space. The frequency and interval has to be decided by the customer themselves.  
  Web space  
  [1] Access your FTP  

Check for unwanted files in " www" folder

  [3] If so delete them  
  [4] Always download your emails to any email client such as outlook express  
  [5]] If you have used web mail, delete the "sent mails" and "trash mails"  
  [6] Never store mails in the server  
  [7] By default the system creates a default email in the name of your user name  
  [8] Configure that email id also in out look and download all the mails  
  [9] To access default mail always use your user name and password of your cPanel  
  Even if you download all your mails, your default mail might contain mails that are unsolicited or junk. You must constantly maintain default emails also.  
  If your account is suspended due to excess bandwidth usage or server usage, your access will be suspended.  

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