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  How to Upload ?  
  [1] Open ws_ftp or cute ftp.  
  [2] For site label --> supply your domain name.  
  [3] For Host Address --> supply or corresponding server ip address.  
  [4] For user name --> supply your user name as provided by Tech Freedom Online.  
  [5] For password --> supply your password as provided by Tech Freedom Online.  
  [6] Click on connect.  
  [7] Your ftp client will now try to connect to the server. Once connected it will display folders in the right side
 [ Server side.
  [8] Now you should be able to see folders such as "www" , "public_html" , "public_ftp"  
  [9] Double click on the "www" folder of the server.  
  [10] Your left side represents your local system. Browse through to the folder where you have your website files saved in your machine.  
  [11] Drag and drop the files you need to upload in the server. [The home page of your site must be named as "index.html"]  
  [12] Once the uploading is completed, your files will be listed in the right side of the ftp client.  
  [13] Close the FTP client.  
  "public_html" is your root folder in the server.
"www" can also contain web pages to be hosted.
All database, images and other files should be uploaded inside this folder.
The home page of your site must be named as "index.html"

Avoid FTP ing from public terminals due to security and virus threats.
No files should be uploaded outside the "www" folder.
All files must be saved , named in lower case letter. For example : index.html will work whereas INDEX.HTML will not work.
No spaces should be given while naming the files. For example : "productpage.html" should not be named as "product page.html"


The home page of your site must be named as "index.html"
Once after uploading your contents, you must remove user name & password from your FTP client.


After uploading your files if you see folders while accessing your site in Internet Explorer, you have not uploaded "index.html" or your home page is not named as "index.html"

After uploading your files in your FTP, if you still see our site coming soon page, then you have not named your home page as "index.html" or you have not deleted our default page. Delete the default "index.html" file and upload your "index.html" file again.

If you are in a network LAN, the you should IP address instead of ""

You might not be able to access your FTP if your connectivity is slower.

If you access as it will take minimum upto 48 hrs to reflect from the time registration of the domain to access your cPanel.

If your user name or password is wrong, you will not be able to access your FTP.

If your account is suspended due to excess bandwidth usage or server usage, your access will be suspended.


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