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  Folder Structure ?  
  Understanding the folder structure will enable you to manage your disk space and mails effectively.  
  [1] Log on to your FTP as mentioned in the "FTP set up & Clients" document.  

You will find the following folders such as "public_ftp", "public_html", "www", "mail", "tmp", "etc"

  [3] public_ftp - This folder contains your Anonymous FTP files within "incoming" folder  
  [4] public_html - This folder contains your website files  
  [5] www - This folder also contains your website files same as public_html folder  
  [6] mail - This folder contains your mails. Each mail is stored in different folders  
  [7] tmp - This folder contains your stats software files such as analog, weblizer etc.  
  Each Folder has certain default rights assigned to it. For example : read, write, execute.  
  Avoid attempting to change rights to root folders such as public_html.  

It is a good method to segregate the files that need rights tweaking to be grouped under one folder. Then that folder can be given rights as a whole.


You might get some serious errors if an attempt is made to change default rights of system files or folders. It should always be avoided.


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