Hosting Management ==> File Manager  
  File Manager ?  
  File manager allows you to manage your files on the server without connecting through FTP. However, we suggest you to use FTP client for uploading and downloading number of files.  
  [1] Access your cPanel at
[ for example : ]
  [2] Supply you user name and password  
  [3] Click on File Manager option  
  [4] Now a separate window will be opened with list of folders found in your domain
  [5] Click on "www" folder icon  
  [6] Now on the top you can see /www [ current folder ]  
  [7] You will be able to view the files in the root folder  
  [8] You can modify, rename etc by clicking on the desired file  
  [9] If you wish to upload any file , click on upload files link  
  [10] Now browse and upload the file you wish  
  File manager opens in a new folder and will take few seconds to load fully.
In order to overwrite the existing files, you must check the overwrite existing file option on

Working with File Manager alters your website contents in real time. If you are not sure of what you are doing, ask for professional help.


Clicking on Folder Icon will set that folder as the working folder. Clicking on the link will display options.


Do not try to rename file extensions or file names in the file manager.


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