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  Spam Assasins ?  

Spam Assassin is a mail filter installed on a mail server used to identify spam. It checks for spam using a large number of pre-set rules that check the header, body, and sender of all e-mail messages sent to your domain mailbox.

  [1] Access your control panel at [For example :]  

Click on the Spam Assassin link in the Mail area.

  [3] Click on the Enable Spam Assassin button.  
  Spam will be collected in a separate folder.  
  You will run out of disk space it the junk mails are not deleted.  

You can manage you space through email or FTP. Visit maintenance section for more details.

  You cannot access emails if your run out of disk space.

If your account is suspended due to excess bandwidth usage or server usage, your access will be suspended.


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