Email Management ==> Default Emailid  
  Default Emailid ?  
  By default the system creates a default email in the name of your cpanel user name. Configure that email id also in out look and download all the mails

To access default mail, do as per given below :
  [1] Access your web mail at  

Supply your user name and password of your cPanel and Login

    To download the mails of the default emailid, do as per given below :  
  1. Launch Outlook Express  
  2. Click on Tools menu  
  3. Click on Accounts  
  4. Click on mail menu  
  5. Click on Add >> New mail  
  6. Enter Your Name  
  [7] Enter your existing email ID  
  [8] Enter your mail server and smtp details  
    Incoming Mail Server :  
    Outgoing SMTP:  
  9. Enter your cpanel username only  
  10. Click on finish  
  11. Click on properties  
  12. Click on servers  
  13. In out going mail server >>> Check My server Requires Authentication  
  14. Click on settings  
  15. Choose Log On Using  
  16. In Account Name Give cPanel Username only.  
  17. Supply password  
  18. Click on remember password  
  19. Click OK  
  20. Click on close  
  21. Click on SEND/RECEIVE menu >> Choose Receive All  
  22. Click on unread messages to read your mails  

You should configure any email client such as outlook and download your emails frequently. Otherwise Disk Usage will be high and you will face problems while sending and receiving mails.

  You might not be able to access your email if your connectivity is slower.

If your user name or password is wrong, you will not be able to access your email.

If your account is suspended due to excess bandwidth usage or server usage, your access will be suspended.

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