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  Forwarders ?  

Forwards simply allow you to automatically forward e-mail sent to one account to another account. This is useful when you work at two separate locations, or have gone on holiday.

To forward mail from one account to two or more accounts, just add two or more forwards for the account that is being forwarded..

  [1] Click on the Forwarders link in the Mail area.  

Click on the Add Forwarder link.

  [3] Enter the first part of the e-mail address that will be forwarded in the first field.  
  [4] Choose the required domain from the drop-down list.  
  [5] Enter the full e-mail address that the forwarder will forward mail to in the second field.  
  [6] Click on the Add Forwarder button.  
  Forwarders come handy in case of multi-departmental organisations.  
  Avoid forwarding mails to mail accounts outside your domain as it might shoot up the bandwidth usage.  

SPAMS exploit forwarders sometimes corrupting your mail boxes also.

  Avoid Forwarders unless it is required.
Avoid Auto responders for forwarded mails
Always set default address forwarding as :blackhole
  Catch All Emails ?  

Any e-mail that is sent to an unknown account at your domain name, such as [email protected], gets automatically rerouted to your default e-mail account. All web site accounts are automatically assigned a default e-mail address - [email protected] - which you can change, if required.

  [1] Click on the Default Address link in the Mail area.  

Click on the Set Default Address link.

  [3] Enter the complete e-mail address of the new default in the field next to your web site name drop-down list.  
  [4] Note: You can enter :blackhole: to throw away all incoming mail, or :fail: no such address here to bounce the e-mail back to the sender.  
  [5] Click on the Change button. Your new default e-mail address has now been set.  

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