Email Management ==> Abuse & Suspension  
  Abuse & Suspension ?  
  [1] You cannot send mass mails or send multiple mails that can jeopardize the server  

Relaying mails is strictly prohibited


No intimation will be given on termination or suspension of an account if found to violate our terms and conditions

  [4] Web mail is just a tool to view mails on the move. You cannot store mails in the web mail  

Since emails are the frequent carriers virus, customer should make every effect to scan with anti-virus


All of Tech Freedom Online servers have anti-virus software's that scan on access, but this does not guarantee any safety of your emails


In a shared hosting environment a sensible use of server resource is the essence for proper running of server. In case if Tech Freedom Online finds a account that violates or puts other websites or emails in jeopardy, the account will be suspended.


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