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  Domain Locking  Management ?  

This section explains steps in safe locking your domain name. Locking domains is for security. Once you lock the domain any operation like domain renewal, transfer etc can be done only if the domain is unlocked.

  [1] Go to for .in domains and  for .com domains.  

Supply the user name and password. [ Hint : User Name is email that you used while registering the previous domain ]

  [3] Under  Domains Menu, click on list last 10.  
  [4] Click on the link which says "Click to Manage" against the domain name which you wish to manage.  
  [5] Click on the Lock / Unlock option  
  [6] Check the customer lock option and supply a reason such as " security "  
  [7] Press submit  

Sign out.

  Creation of Lock will take minimum 48 hrs to reflect in whois output.  
  Applying Lock will prohibit you from changing the Name Servers, Contact detail etc. If you are not sure of what you want to do, ask for professional help.  
  Prefix "www" is a must for accessing the above URL. You will receive an error if you do not prefix "www" when you access this URL  

You might get get an 500 Servlet Exception Error. In that case you logout, delete from cache and try registering after sometime.
You might not be able view any "modify" button if your domain is locked for security reasons. Then contact
Tech Freedom Online Tech Support.


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