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  Domain Back Order Management ?  
  This section explains backordering the domain.

If a domain is expired, we can request for that domain name by back ordering it.

Backordering is a process where an already registered or an expired domain name which is not in public for registration can be applied for registration.


But this does not mean the domain is registered or does not guarantee that the domain will be registered. It is just a automated process which will try to register the domain if it comes to public. This feature is useful for re-registering expired domain names. And there is only 50% chance of getting the back order domain.


However backordering will cost more than normal registration process.  To get the rates of back ordering send a mail to [email protected]

Backorder must be paid in advance if back order fails the paid amount can be utilised for registering new domains. No refund will be provided.


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